Body Language Secrets

Welcome to the body language secrets section of the website and to get things started I want to go into some of the secrets and mysteries surrounding this fascinating subject.

Learning how to read, decode and understand a person's non-verbal communication signs and signals is an important additional facet to the understanding of how we live together and co-exist harmoniously in our modern-day civilized society.

The "what is" part of this curious topic has already been covered in the homepage of this website, so suffice it to say here that we all display and transmit our own communicative signals physically to each other all the time.

Knowing how to read and decipher those signals is another thing altogether.

body language secretsThat's kind of where the mystery part of the subject creeps in. Anything we don't understand is essentially a mystery until it is explained so we do understand it and then it's not a mystery any more.

Stop Living in Ignorance

We are all living in an on-going state of understanding and ignorance. We understand some things but there is a lot of stuff we don't know anything about, which really is another way of saying we're ignorant of those facts we don't understand.

What can we do to dispel the ignorance and mystery? Education is the answer to that!

Even a subject as mysterious and yet exciting as understanding body language can be taught, learned and understood. All you have to do is start learning from reliable sources that are teaching what our eminent psychologists and anthropologists have deciphered over the ages to formulate a fairly accurate assessment of what certain movements and signals mean when they come from the male or female of the human species.

Use What You Learn

The best way to cement the things that you'll learn about human behavior and non-verbal communication is to make use of that knowledge through practical use. That means getting out there in public places and simply watch other people interact with each other.

It could be in a cafe or restaurant, a shopping mall, bookstore, train station or anywhere really where people gather together and interact. Either they'll already know each other and will be using verbal talk to communicate the way we all have be taught from childhood or they'll be strangers noticing each other and sizing each other up for a variety of reasons.

Your task is to watch them interact but look past the verbal and zoom in on the non-verbal. Watch their body movements, gestures, eye contact, how close they are to each other and then look out for the tell-tale signs that will expose exactly what each of them is communicating to the other without even knowing they're doing it!

Do this often and after a while you won't need to keep referring to notes to figure out what the signals are saying. It will become second nature.

The next step is practicing your own version of deliberate movements, postures and gestures in order to communicate exactly what you mean to communicate without saying a word!

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